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Tune Lists (PDFs)

Monday-night “South Bay” Old-Time Jam Tunes

The Monday-Night-Jam Tune List (PDF, updated June 30, 2017) has the names, keys and modes of 186 mostly old-time-style tunes that were played fairly often at the jam in 2016 and early 2017 — or in a few cases, that some of us hope to learn, so we can play them there. (Many other tunes were also played; these are just the most-common.)

The list is printable on one sheet, with one side organized by key and the other alphabetical. The by-key side helps us find tunes in the current key, since we try not to change key very often (to avoid people having to retune or switch instruments). Learn more about the jam here

There's also a list of formerly-listed tunes and new tunes (the former having been played less often during the past 18 months or so; the list shows the years they were included).

Old-Time Tune Starters

Sample of a starter list

The “tune starter” list has some 275 tunes with title, key(s) and mode(s), and 3-4 measures of the first part of the tune, in standard notation. These are also mostly old-time in style. In a few cases I've also added the first few measures of succeeding parts (new parts are introduced by ‘||’), for tunes where some of us have had trouble remembering which 'B' goes with which 'A', or which version of a tune is meant. I hope these will help those of us who know many of the tunes, but can’t always remember which is which, or how they start.

This list (PDFs) now comes in four formats:

* Updated 8/10/2014, with many errors corrected; minor update 8/24/2014.

Please send me any suggestions or corrections for any of these lists.

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